Monday, March 23, 2020

Friend Encounters: Sparky D. Dragon and Mike Pankow

This is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Veteran writer Mike Pankow is the creative force behind Windy City Slam, a website covering professional wrestling in Chicago and around the world. It is a site that is growing in popularity among fans and wrestlers.
I have known of Mike for many years. He has been a fixture on the Chicago sports media scene for many years. I finally met him a few years ago.
Mike is a great guy and the perfect person to run Windy City Slam. I applaud his effort. He had a solid career already, but decided to add another bit to it, covering something he loved. To use the overused cliche, it is a labor of love for Mike, but it is work nonetheless.
Running a news website is so easy task. The world of pro wrestling is busier than ever right now and keeping track and reporting on all takes a lot of time and effort. Mike is handling it well and Windy City Slam is getting better and better.
I see Mike at a lot of conventions these days. I have even had the pleasure of helping Mike with some interviews. I am just happy to have contributed a little bit to Windy City Slam.
When he isn't busy on his job or Windy City Slam, Mike is still a big sports fan. Recently, he attended a UIC men's basketball game and had a little fun with Sparky D. Dragon. It's a cool name for a mascot of the Flames, who were named as a reference to the Great Chicago Fire, which started near the UIC campus.
Mike is working hard to make Windy City Slam a success and I encourage all to give it a look. Even if you aren't a wrestling fan, the site is very well done and you just might become a fan.
Check out for wrestling news in Chicago and around the world. Also, follow Windy City Slam on Facebook for more frequent updates.
Sparky D. Dragon and Mike Pankow in Chicago, IL-January 2020.

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