Thursday, April 30, 2020

On the Beat With Adam Chalifoux of "Running With The Bulls" Podcast

Last week, I started writing a blog about podcasts for Global Traveler. The blog ran yesterday at Podcast Pleasures. Yesterday, I posted my interview with Jill Urchak of the "On A Quest Paranormal" podcast. Today, I am sharing my interview with Adam Chalifoux of the "Running With The Bulls" podcast.
Adam and Reed Denver do a great job covering the Chicago Bulls and the NBA. Even now, without live NBA action, "Running With The Bulls" still provides basketball entertainment. With the NBA season in limbo, providing content is a real challenge, but the duo has filled the void with things like a fantasy draft of NBA greats and other fun that Adam discusses in our interview. Adam and Reed are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, informative and interesting.
Adam and I also have a connection from way back. I worked with Adam's father Bill during my college years. Bill was a salesman for CWO&O, a newspaper advertising representative and I was an assistant while attending DePaul. Who would have thought 30+ years later, I would be interviewing Bill's son.
In the interview, Adam discusses the "Running With The Bulls" podcast, providing content without basketball, future episodes, his Mt. Rushmore of Bulls and more. As always, I asked Adam for a few minutes, but the fun stretched a bit longer.
I really appreciate Adam's time. I also am thankful for the entertainment that "Running With The Bulls" provides.
Go to @RWBPcast on twitter to get all the updates and other fun stuff. Look for "Running With the Bulls" on most podcast platforms.

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