Tuesday, April 28, 2020

On the Beat With Jill Urchak of "On A Quest Paranormal"

I recently wrote a blog about podcasts for Global Traveler. For the blog, I had the pleasure of interviewing Chicago media personality Jill Urchak. If you have listened to radio over the past many years, you have heard Jill hosting, contributing, reporting traffic and more. The blog can be found at Podcast Pleasures.
Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Jill has been on Chicago radio for 20+ years. Jill's personality shone through her traffic reporting and led to larger roles as she interacted with the various show hosts. On the Score, former hosts Doug Buffone and Dan Jiggetts incorporated Jill into their show, as did others including Terry Boers and Dan McNeil. Jill even guest hosted on occasion.
A passionate and knowledgeable White Sox fan, Jill's shows were always interesting and fun. She never hesitated to take a playful (?) jab at the Cubs, but that was part of her charm and all entertaining.
Jill's skills are not limited to radio though. She has also done some television and written a couple books and a few of her poems have been published in other books.
I am a fan of Jill's and wanted to interview her for a while. My story for Global Traveler gave me the perfect opportunity, because Jill has added podcaster to her impressive resume.
"On A Quest Paranormal" is Jill seeking out the unknown, unseen and unproven. Episodes have included talks with folks on close encounters, reiki, animal spirits and other fascinating topics. Jill is "On A Quest" to learn more from those who have fascinating experiences, personal knowledge and interesting thoughts.
In our interview, Jill discusses her interest in the paranormal, seeking knowledge while "being a wimp," her Catholic faith, her first hand experiences and more. Each episode is like a conversation between friends, with Jill making listeners feel like they are on the journey with her, because we are.
I am skeptical, but open-minded about the paranormal. I have learned a lot from "On A Quest Paranormal." I can't say I have become a staunch believer in all things paranormal, but that's not the point. I have become better informed and definitely entertained. Neither Jill nor her guests try to persuade listeners to believe. They simply discuss their experiences and beliefs.
I originally asked Jill for a few minutes of her time, but the interview ran longer and I couldn't be happier and more grateful to Jill for her time and thoughts. Once we started talking, I didn't want it to end.
I really appreciate Jill for her time and cooperation and even more for the "On A Quest Paranormal" podcast. Thank you as always to Global Traveler for the opportunity to write about things I love.
Be sure to go to @OnAQuestPod on twitter. You can find links to the "On A Quest Paranormal" podcast there or look for it on your podcast platform of choice. You can also follow Jill on most forms of social media.

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