Wednesday, July 8, 2020

A Joey Roth Exclusive!

Last weekend, the IPW Chicagoland champ Joey Roth called me and asked if I wanted a scoop. He offered me the exclusive story on his big announcement to be made on July 4. Of course, I jumped at the chance to break the story.
Early in the morning on July 4, Joey Skype called me and we taped his announcement. What an announcement it was, too!
Spoiler alert: Joey unveiled his new Joey Roth title belt.It was beautiful, dazzling and brilliant. Joey stated he will be defending it anywhere and everywhere.
It created an immediate buzz on social media. Chicago's famous King of Geeks Elliott Serrano inquired about a title shot. Some others were in awe. A few haters even jumped out of their sewers. The bottom line is Joey caused a stir again.
Title belts aren't cheap, especially nice ones like what Joey has. This proves how much Joey puts into himself. Like him or not, he continues to remain relevant and then some on the wrestling scene. I am simply excited to see where this all goes. I will certainly be following and reporting on the developments.

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