Friday, January 8, 2021

Thinking About Tammy Sytch

The saga of Tammy Sytch is filled with incredible highs and lows. While she certainly has her share of detractors and some of her problems were self-inflicted, I still have a soft spot for "the original diva of the WWE."
Sytch started in wrestling traveling with her boyfriend wrestler Chris Candido. By 1992, she signed with Smoky Mountain Wrestling to be a valet. She gained popularty very quickly and joined the (then) WWF in 1995. As "Sunny", she managed several tag temas to tiles, while also serving as a host, interviewer and merchandise model. At one point, Sytch was the most downloaded celebrity on AOL (back when that was a thing).
Unfortunately, Sytch encountered problems with addictions and romances, which basically ended her wrestling career. She had one more shining moment when she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011, but has continued her roller coaster ride in life since.
Sytch has spent a lot of the last couple years in jail. While the offenses weren't major, they were numerous and continual. Obviously, Sytch needs help.
She has been criticized by many who once supported her and she caused much of her problems, to be honest. Yet, I can't help but feel for her.
Sytch has always been great with me. She has done interviews and promos (at no charge). She always has time to talk to me at various events and even online. She has been nothing but sweet and funny in any interaction, when she has nothing to gain from it. This is far from the reputation which some like to spread. I am not defending her actions elsewhere, but it's important to show the whole picture. I am sure I am not the only one who has had pleasant experiences with her. Instead of turning on her and piling on, we should rally around her and hope she gets the help she needs. I do not claim to be inside her head, but something is causing this behavior.
While her "Sunny" days might literally and figuratively be behind her, Sytch has a lot to offer in or out of the entertainment business. Even more important, life has a lot to offer her. I sincerely hope my next update on Sytch is a great one.
Tammy Sytch and me in Berwyn, IL-December 2017.

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