Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Tom Richmond at Wizard World Chicago 2017

One of my favorites on the comic con scene is Tom Richmond, perhaps most notably known for his outstanding work with Mad Magazine. The freelance cartoonist and caricaturist is amazingly talented and very friendly.
In addition to Mad Magazine, Tom did work for Cracked, the Married... with Children comic book for NOW Comics and The Coneheads, the mini-series for Marvel Comics. Tom also created his version of my Johngy character. It is one of my favorite pieces and proudly hangs on my wall/
Tom is a great guest at comic cons. He is extremely engaging and has lots of cool artwork. One of the most enjoyable things is to catch him sketching. To see him in action is simply amazing. Watching ablank sheet come to life with his artwork is always one of the highlights for me at any comic con.
I have followed Tom's work for many years and I always look forward to seeing him at comic cons. My next chance should be Fan Expo Chicago, August 10-13.
Check TomRichmond.com for info and art. Go to FanExpoHQ.com for news and schedules for events all year.
Tom Richmond and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2017.

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