Monday, May 1, 2023

Friend Encounters: Gangrel, Christian and Heather Owens

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Squared Circle Expo III was a couple weeks back, but those who attended are still talking about it. Of course Heather Owens was there. She is one of the fabulous foursome who run it.

Heather talked about it on The Johngy "OR ELSE" Podcast - Ep. 38 Hardcore Heather Owens. A friend from our time together at Resistance Pro, Tommy Else and I were very happy to talk to the #classybroad about all of her projects.

During the interview, Heather declared she was retired from wrestling. Then, she was announced as a participant in an eight women match at SCX III. Heather came out and delivered stunners to everyone in the ring, stunning the fans. Then, recently, she announced she would face Shawna Reed on May 20 in Lima Ohio. Is Heather getting the itch? Are these random matches? I hope the former, but I think the latter. Either way, it's good to see Heather in the ring whooping butts.

SCX is a fantastic event, featuring 50+ wrestlers of the past and present. SCX debuted in 2021 and has somehow gotten better each year. How could they top it next year? I have no idea, but I bet they will. I know how hard Heather, Ed, Adolfo and Carrie work on SCX and I know the pride they take. This is a convention for fans and the fans love it.

At SCX III, Heather tried forming a new Brood when she posed with Gangrel and Christian. A woman would have fit in nicely with that group. Seeing the Zombie Heather shirt at Pro Wrestling Tees, I think Heather could have pulled it off.

I am sure the group is already planning SCX IV. For more info and updates, go to

Gangrel, Heather Owens and Christian in Indianapolis, IN-April 2023.

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