Sunday, February 7, 2021

Celebrity Jersey Cards #520 Kurt Angle & Marty Jannetty

Celebrity Jersey Cards is a weekly series in which I create virtual trading cards of celebrities wearing sports jerseys. With Super Bowl LV today, I am featuring the two worst teams in the NFL.

Pennsylvania born Kurt Angle is an American Olympic Gold Medalist and he accomplished that feat "with a broken freaking neck,: to borrow a bit from his professional wrestling schtick. Angle went on to have a Hall of Fame pro career, winning many titles along the way. He also ventured into an acting career. Angle wore a Jacksonville jaguars jersey to rile a crowd in his heel days and earned a Celebrity Jersey Card in doing so.
Marty Jannetty was born near Atlanta, Georgia and rose to fame as part of the Rockers tag team, along with Shawn Michaels. Eventually the team split with Michaels becoming a Hall of Famer and Jannetty never really matching the success he had in the Rockers. Jannetty actually became the standard in tag team breakups. Nobody wanted to be the Jannetty. In all fairness, Jannetty has had a lengthy career, although he battled his own issues along the way. Jannetty showed his hometown pride by wearing an Atlanta Falcons jersey on a interview show to earn his Celebrity Jersey Card. Julio Jones is easily the best to wear #11 for the Falcons, besting others including Kim McQuilken, Billy Joe Tolliver and Randy Johnson. You might say Jones is the Michaels of that group.

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