Friday, February 12, 2021

Happy Birthday JayHawk!

Today, I celebrate the birthday of the Man Formerly Known as the Angry Young Man (TMFKATAYM). Jason is not so young anymore, nor is he really the angry one (much) these days.

I have admitted being guilty of freezing Jason as the youngster who joined Lerner back in 1995. We've all come a long way since then and perhaps nobody more than Jason.

Jason is a happily married suburbanite father of two. It all suits him well, too. I have never seen him calmer or happier. I seriously couldn't be happier for him.

While I wish him nothing but happiness, I do admit I am hoping Cassie and Luke give him a challenge on occasion. I still have the memories of yelling "tact" every time Jason was about to talk to anyone in the office. Looking at their impish faces and knowing it probably runs in the family, I have no doubt they will cause him a gray hair or two.

The pandemic has kept us all apart for far too long, but hopefully soon we will get together and celebrate everything. For today though, I raise my Coke can to the west and I wish my dear friend a happy birthday!

Luke, Jason and Cassie in Streamwood, IL-August 2020.

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Jean Parker said...

Happy belated birthday Jason!! Hope you had a great time celebrating with your family!!