Wednesday, September 22, 2021

CM Punk at C2E2 2019

After a seven year absence< CM Punk returned to wrestling at All Elite Wrestling's Rampage in Chicago in September. Punk received a huge ovation. It was one of the loudest and longest crowd reactions I have witnessed in wrestling and he deserved it. Love him or not, Punk has made his mark and looks to add to his legacy.
I have met him many times at comic cons, wrestling shows and charity events. I have enjoyed each encounter.
One such time was at C2E2 2019, when I my friend Glen and Patrick Rylko and I met him. Granted, you don't have much time at these such events, but the key is to make the most of those precious few minutes. Punk made it a fun time and that is all I can ask of any celeb.
C2E2 2021 runs December 10-12. I don't know if Punk will be there, but I have a feeling he will. I know I will be there "On the Beat" as usual. I also think Glen will be there, maybe with his wife Alicia. I hope all are there, because it is going to be a blast.
Go to for all the info and scheduling. Also, check out for more info on Punk and his squared circle mates at AEW.
Patrick Rylko, Glen Rylko, CM Punk and me in Chicago, IL-March 2019.

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