Tuesday, May 23, 2023

James Finn Garner at Wizard World Chicago 2017

While I haven't seen James Finn Garner recently, he is always one of my favorites at any comic con. I have interviewed him many times at Wizard World. All of my Wizard World interviews can be found on the Johngy's Beat Wizard World playlist on YouTube.
You might ask why a best-selling author is dressed like a clown. That could be part o the comic con experience, but in this case, James is drawing attention to Rex Koko, one of the great characters he created. The Rex Koko series is clown noir, which in itself is also a unique concept. I was sold as soon as I heard about it, but delving into the books, I fell in love with the stories and character.
James has a bunch of other books, too. He even has nonfiction books. Several of his works are on my bookshelf.
Wizard World was purchased by Fan Expo. There are a few changes, but it is still a fantastic event. The next Fan Expo is in Philadelphia June 2-4.
For more info on Jim, check out JamesFinnGarner.com. Also, go to FanExpoHQ.com for news and schedules for events all year.
James Finn Garner and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2017.

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