Thursday, March 4, 2021

On the Beat With Dan Levy of LevyCast

For many years, I have been a fan of Dan Levy's work in the media. Possessing a great voice for radio, Dan has certainly made his mark in voice over work, but there is much more to him than simply his vocal talents.

Several months ago, I interviewed Dan's wife Jill, also a veteran of the airwaves, for Podcast Pleasures, a story on Global Traveler. Jill's On a Quest Paranormal podcast is one of my regular stops in the podcast world. Today on Global Traveler, I revisited the topic of podcasts, adding a few more favorites of mine, including Dan's LevyCast. Dan graciously gave me 30 minutes of his time on an interview for the GT piece.

I got much more out of the interview (time and content) than I had requested or even hoped I would. Dan told me of his career path starting in Omaha, Nebraska. Among his many projects since then was a show on the Howard Stern channels on Sirius radio for three years. Of course, as mentioned earlier, Dan is perhaps best known and loved in Chicago, as the voice of so many commercials and intros on radio.

I asked Dan about his golden voice. He talked about "being discovered," taking precautions, vocal exercises and more. Some of his answers surprised me a bit.

Then we got into some real fun, as Dan discussed LevyCast. Billed as "a podcast like no other," LevyCast lives up to that lofty declaration. It's easy to claim that and many podcasts might see themselves as such, but LevyCast truly is.

Dan casually states LevyCast is whatever he wants it to be. It is also what a listener would want, which makes it a successful and entertaining podcast. Dan has also welcomed several media friends on the show. (I'm still waiting for wife Jill to appear, but more in that later). One of my favorite LevyCasts was the recent one where he shared locker room horror stories. Dan shared a few in our interview and I told my tale of my Mike Cameron incident, which was almost a horror story of mine.

Finally, I had to ask Dan about a joint project with Jill. Much to my pleasure, he stated one is in the works. They are very entertaining individually and I look forward top hearing what they do together. Knowing both, it will be just as fun as their other projects.

Speaking of other projects, Jill recently launched her second podcast, The Jill Urchak Show, and Dan also has the Boone Podcast, with former MLB player Bret Boone. The Levy Media Empire is continually growing and I am a staunch supporter.

Off air, Dan is just as busy. He's a producer, teacher, coach and more for other potential podcasters. If you seek help in any aspect of podcasting, Dan is the go-to guy.

You can find all of those podcasts on all major platforms. Also check Dan and Jill on social media for more updates.

I really appreciate Dan for his time and consideration. It was a blast and felt more like two guys in a sports bar than an interview.

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