Friday, March 5, 2021

Kara Eberle at C2E2 2020

One of the last celebrities I met last year before the pandemic shut down everything was Kara Eberle. A voice over actress, Eberle is most notably associated with Roosetr Teeth Productions. The Texas based-company produces a variety of live-action videos, in-game shorts and more, all highly entertaining.
On RWBY (pronounced Ruby), Eberle provides the voice of Weiss Schnee. Eberle jokes that she gets "whiny" in preparation for the role. RWBY is an anime-styled animated web series created by Monty Oum for Rooster Teeth. Set in the fictional world of Remnant, youngsters train to become warriors to protest their world. The name comes from the four main characters: Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang.
I was familiar with Eberle's work, but not an expert. From teh looks of her lines at C2E2 she had a huge following. Never underestimate the popularity of webseries or anime productions.
Eberle was very cool when I met her. I admitted not being as knowledgeable as the fans she was meeting, but I was impressed by her work. She laughed about that and appreciated my honesty and my coverage.
C2E2 2021 should have happened sometime around now, bu the pandemic delayed it until December. I hope by then, things are normal enough for all of us to enjoy some comic con fun.
Follow Eberle at @Kara4TX on twitter. That twitter name represents her love of Texas. Also, check for info on the show later this year/
Kara Eberle and me in Chicago, IL-March 2020.

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