Thursday, April 8, 2021

Happy Birthday, Nancy!

Today is my eldest sister Nancy's birthday. While she is still out west, I am celebrating her day and sending my love.

We have semi-jokingly started referring to Nancy as the matriarch of our family. While it is a playful jab at her age (although we are all getting older), it is done with love. Don't worry, Nancy gives it back just as good, too. 

Both my sisters are my rocks. Not only have they been there for me always, but we have had so many laughs and good times.

The picture below is of Nancy with Sully, when he was just a little pup. Now he's causing all sorts of mischief and Nanc loves him dearly. She's a great dog mom, regular mom, sister and person.

I hope Nancy has a great birthday. Once things settle, the siblings will have a big celebration of all the days we missed during this pandemic. For today though, I send birthday greetings and love out west. Happy birthday, Nancy. I love you.

Nancy and Sully in Sandy, UT-April 2020.


Nancy said...

Thank you so much. We have had many good times together. Looking forward to many more. Love you too. 💜💜

Jean Parker said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you are having a great day!!