Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Laura Schein Loves Johngy's Beat

I first came across Laura Schein when I was researching Zooming the Movies for Global Traveler. Laura played the Elaine role in a Zooming the Movies Seinfeld production and I felt she stole the show. Laura made the role her own, while still maintaining the essence of the original Elaine as played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

I then started researching Laura and found she had an interesting resume. She is an actor, writer, performer, certified health coach and more. She also co-created and starred in Emojiland.

Laura also co-hosts What the Func?!, an interesting and entertaining podcast about functional medicine. With the perfect balance of seriousness and light-hearted banter, Laura and her co-host Clayton Farris delve into all topics related to functional medicine. What the Func?! has become a regular stop on my podcast circuit.

I appreciate Laura's support. I encourage everyone to check out Laura and Farris on What the Func?! Also, go to for more info on Laura.

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