Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Statues Week: Al McGuire in Milwaukee

Statues Week celebrates beautiful sculptures of famous people or characters.

Al McGuire was a legendary basketball player, coach and announcer. He played 1951-55 in the NBA with the New York Knicks and Washington Bullets. He became an assistant coach at Dartmouth (1955-57)and a coach at Belmont Abbey (1957-64), before becoming the head coach at Marquette (1964-77). He went on to a great career as an announcer.
In 2004, Marquette unveiled the statue of McGuire. Appropriately located inside the main entrance of Al McGuire Center, the silicone bronze statue depicts McGuire in the final moment of Marquette's NCAA Championship. The base is 4.5 feet tall, weighing 1,420 pounds and is engraved with the names of McGuire's former players, coaches and staff. Artist Omri Amrany spent seven months creating this masterpiece.
I got my picture with the McGuire statue while covering Media Day for the Marquette Women's Basketball team. Go to GoMarquette.com for more info on all things Marquette.
Al McGuire and me in Milwaukee, WI-October 2018.

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