Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Tom Prichard at Squared Circle Expo

The Squared Circle Expo is about 2.5 weeks away and I cannot wait. Running April 15-16, SCX is a wrestling convention run by great folks. Last year, I was happy to see Tom Prichard.
I hadn't seen him in about 15 years. Prichard had an underrated career of nearly 30 years. He might be best known for his run with Jimmy Del Ray in the Heavenly Bodies or with Chris Candido in the Bodydonnas, but his career extends far beyond those two gimmicks.
I heard an interview with Prichard about the Bodydonnas. Although he wasn't ecstatic with the gimmick, he made it work, as did Candido. They even won the WWF tag-team titles once. That's pretty good for two guys who were thought to be props for Sunny at the time.
It's also a bit of a shame. Both Candido and Prichard deserved better than that gimmick. Both were very talented performers with a head for the business. At least Prichard seems to have a good view about things.
As a side note, Tom is the brother of Bruce, who was probably best known as Brother Love in the WWF. Although Bruce was a manager, announcer and held other non-wrestling roles, I would have liked to see the brothers have a run together in the WWF, but their relationship was never acknowledged as far as I know.
SCX II takes over the Wyndham Indianapolis for two days of wrestling fun. There will be meet-and-greets, Q&As, panels and more, concluding with a big night of wresting on Saturday. It is all a wrestling fan could want in a convention and it is done well.
For more info on SCX II, go to SquaredCircleX.com. Also check here for my recurring coverage.
Tom Prichard and me in Indianapolis, IN-May 2021.

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