Thursday, June 9, 2022

Allie Koop and the Chicago Blitz

Tomorrow, the Chicago Blitz square off against the Kansas City Force in the first game of the season and the first game of the newly rebranded X League. The Blitz (formerly the Bliss) and the X League (formerly the Lingerie Football League and the Legends Football League) start a new and exciting chapter in their storied history. I am sure this will be another interesting twist to be added.
I have written a lot about my on and off relationship with the league. While I questioned some of the actions of the previous leagues, I have never questioned the athletes. These women are as tough and dedicated as any athlete. As more proof of their passion, these women practice for many months, to play a handful of games. In fact, this season, they will only play two games. I'd immediately question why only two games, but I am giving the new league the benefit of the doubt and hoping they are rebuilding this league. The women deserve that.
One of the newest members of the Blitz is Alissa Koop. At a team scrimmage last season, I saw an incredible force on the field. I saw her carry several players on her back as she moved down the field. She looked like a dynamo. About halfway through the practice, I realized I was sitting next to her family. I relayed a bit of my history with the team to them and said how impressed I was with this powerhouse.
After the scrimmage, I talked to Allie Koop and told her all of this. I learned a little more about her in our interview, which is at On the Beat With the Chicago Blitz.
If you haven't guessed by looking at her (especially those legs), Allie has done some body building. As big of a beast on the field though, Allie was as cool as can be off and in our interview. I think she is going to be a star in this league and definitely a fan favorite.
I'll be covering the Blitz all season. For more info though, check out the X League website.
 Alissa Koop and me in Bridgeview, IL-May 2021.

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