Friday, June 10, 2022

On the Beat With Kristin Marushka

 I went “On the Beat” to interview Kristin Marushka for Global Women's Sports Radio. It was my first time interviewing someone in the world of fitness competition and Kristin gave a great look at all aspects it. The interview is at On the Beat With Kristin Marushka.

Of course, we started with her start in the industry. I cannot imagine the courage it takes to get on stage the first time and every time. Kristin started at a late age (for such competitions), which had to add to the pressure, but she handles it with poise and confidence.

Kristin talked about competitions being a sport. She makes a compelling case and I agree and applaud all it takes to get to that level and stay at that level.

She went on to talk about nutrition, motivation, sponsors and more. It was an enlightening look into an unfamiliar, but fascinating, world for me.

Kristin's next competition is in July. I thank Kristin for her time and wish Kristin success and we hope to talk to her after the competition season to learn more about the world of fitness competition.

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