Friday, June 24, 2022

Roxi Heart and Cosplaying at C2E2

C2E2 returns August 5-7 at McCormick Place. By now, I am sure cosplayers are well on their way to putting together their costume (or costumes) for this year.
Cosplay has become a major part of comic cons. Back when I first started going to cons, there were a bunch of attendees dressed up as their favorite characters, but now there are many. They even have Cosplay Central, their own section at C2E2.
Cosplay can take many forms from simple to very intricate, from recognizable to obscure. It is all up to the individual. There really is no defined rules, although I am against costumes that are mpractical at such events (too big and bulky, fragile, etc).
One person who loves cosplaying and is awesome at it is Roxi Heart (aka Mrs. Joey Roth). Roxi is so good, I didn't even recognize her last year. In fact, I didn't even realize it was her after she greeted me, repeatedly. It took a bit of my mind reeling to finally realize it was Roxi.
On one hand, I felt goofy for not recognizing my friend. On the other hand, it does speak to how good her costume is. I guess that s the compliment. Either way, Roxi is the best and took it with humor.
I am sure Roxi will again be in costume for each day of C2E2 this August. I will definitely be on alert when any cosplayers approach me.
For more info on C2E2 2022, go to Also, check here for my recurring coverage.
Roxi Heart and me in Chicago, IL-December 2021.

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