Friday, August 26, 2022

PJ Soles at Flashback Weekend 2022

Earlier this month, I attended Flashback Weekend, Chicago's longest-running horror convention. My coverage appeared at Flashback Weekend Recap on the Chicago Patch.
One cool story involves PJ Soles, a longtime favorite of mine. Soles was on my list of "must see" at the convention. Unfortunately, her line was so long every time I went by her table.
As my friend Cuzz Gekas and I were leaving for the day, show promoter Mia Kerz (Cuzz's cousin) asked us how it was. I said all was great, but I missed Soles and might return the next day to see her. Mia surprised me by saying Soles was in the break room and I could pop in to see her there.
I didn't want to bother her on break, but Mia led the way and Soles could not have been any nicer. She actually remembered me from previous meetings, including once when I interviewed her (at On the Beat With PJ Soles).
We chatted for a few minutes and took the picture. I thanked Soles and Mia profusely for this moment.
Granted, everyone won't get that treatment from Mia (or husband Mike), but everyone will have a great time at Flashback Weekend. I have been going for many years and it is always a stop on my convention list.
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PJ Soles, Cuzz Gekas and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2022.


Jean Parker said...

Great story ... loved that someone reached out to you and asked how everything was at the event. Glad to hear PJ Soles was so accommodating!!

Johngy said...

Mike and Mia Kerz do an excellent job at running Flashback Weekend and PJ Soles is just a sweetheart!