Thursday, September 29, 2022

On the Beat With John Cosper

Earlier this week, I caught up with writer, author and wrestling historian John Cosper. In addition to wrestling, John is also an accomplished fiction author, who just released two new books. We talked about all of this in our interview at On the Beat With John Cosper.

“Girl Most Likely to Kill You” is available now and “Zombies of Oz” will be released this weekend. John gives a spoiler-free sneak peak at his two newest works, as well as a look ahead at the next book in the Dead Park series. 

Of course, John never strays too far from wrestling. He's currently working on books with wrestlers Dean Hill and Mad Man Pondo and  broadcaster Dean Hill.

John tells a few Pondo tales and we both share our appreciation for the veteran wrestler. This will be the second Pondo book and we agree Pondo probably has enough stories to fill several books and many would be stranger than fiction.

We finish our interview discussing the latest in Ohio Valley Wrestling. WWE legend Al Snow continues to do great things at OVW. John shares his thoughts on the talented roster and events.

Whether through his wrestling books, his event recaps or his talent evaluations, John always provides great wrestling content. Additionally, his fiction is a quick diversion from the squared circle.

I appreciate John's time and thoughts. I also am grateful for his ever-growing section on my bookshelf.

Go to and for all info on John's books. Check back here and for more interviews and wrestling coverage.

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