Thursday, October 13, 2022

On the Beat at New York Comic Con 2022

I spent a long four day weekend at the New York Comic Con. My full report is on the Patch at On the Beat at the New York Comic Con.
Produced by ReedPop, the same folks behind C2E2, NYCC is arguably the biggest comic con in the country. San Diego Comic Con is has been the biggest, but I heard NYCC passed it. that's unconfirmed, but either way, both are huge.
This was my second year at NYCC and it won't be my last. NYCC 2021 was a bit scaled back, still in the grip of the pandemic, but I still thought it was almost overwhelming. Then I saw this year's NYCC. It was immense, huge, crazy, busy, but mostly fun. It took me about a day to figure out the lay of the land. Even with that, the mere glut of people sometimes made getting from one spot to another very difficult and slow. This did make me strategize, to limit my need to go to different rooms multiple times. I'd make one long loop in each area, then maybe return at the end of the day if I really needed something.
I met so many cool creators and celebrities. I also ran into several friends from all over the country. As usual, I will sprinkle in those stories here and there, so as not to dump them all at once. 
Go to for more info. Check back here for my recurring coverage of NYCC and C2E2.
Me in New York, NY-October 2022.

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