Friday, September 1, 2023

Appreciating Katie Kadaver

Katie Kadaver is all over the horror scene. With a last name like that, she seemed destined for that field.
Seriously though, Katie is an artist, burlesque performer, producer, model, podcaster and more. She's also sweet and highly entertaining.
I think I first met Katie at Days of the Dead, but it very easily could have been another horror convention, as she is quite popular on the con scene. I know I crossed paths with her several times before I finally got a picture with her. Sometimes it is very hard to see her when she isn't busy.
It is people like Katie who make the conventions such fun. With no disrespect to her, she isn't a headline celebrity guest. She is a great part of any convention. Many attendees want to get pictures with her and she gladly obliges.
Any convention can't be just top line celebrities. The real heart of any convention are folks like Katie. Celebrities, vendors and attendees all love Katie!
For more fun, follow Katie on social media. If you happen to see her at a convention, chat with her and get a picture.
Katie Kadaver and me in Indianapolis, IN-July 2019.

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