Thursday, November 10, 2022

On the Beat With Ezio Orlandi

Earlier this year, I was impressed with Ezio Orlandi' debut at 2econd Wrestling. After seeing him again recently at 2econd Wrestling's Deep Cut, I was able to procure an interview with him, which can be found at On the Beat With Ezio Orlandi.
Also known as “Beyond Alpha,” Orlandi is a relative newcomer to wrestling, having made his ring debut late last year. Orlandi discussed his start and training under the likes of “The Ego” Robert Anthony, Bryce Benjamin and Kylie Rae, some big names on the Chicago wrestling scene.
Orlandi described his moveset and his finisher. I loved his insight into the evolution of his finishing move. This showed a real maturity beyond his short time in the ring. It also goes back to the great trainer she had and still has. Because of getting more opportunities, Orlandi finds it harder to get more time for training, yet he still manager to keep up.
A local guy, Orlandi often wrestles in front of family and friends. He loves and feeds off the support.
Then we got into a discussion on 2econd Wrestling. At Deep Cut, Orlandi lost a hard fought match against Jackson Larkin. After the match, Larkin left the ring, but his manager Jason Midas approached Orlandi, giving him what appeared to be his business card. Orlandi admitted to me he is in discussions with Midas, but he would not reveal the details. He did confirm he will be wrestling at  Dynasty, 2econd Wrestling's next event, on December 11 in Northbrook, IL. I'm sure Midas will also be there, but will he be in Orlandi's corner.
I don't have that answer yet. I tried getting it from Orlandi on and off camera, but he was pretty tight-lipped or perhaps all isn't decided yet. I will keep trying to get to the bottom of that situation, but I might have to wait for Dynasty to get the final answer.
Dynasty is 2econd Wrestling's anniversary show. Also announced are Arik Cannon, Killa Kate and Sean Login. Of course, the champ Billie Starkz will also be there defending her title, although her opponent hasn't been announced yet.
I appreciate Orlandi's time and consideration. He seems to have a real appreciation for wrestling and his role in it. I look forward to watching his progress at 2econd Wrestling and elsewhere.
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