Saturday, December 10, 2022

On the Beat With David Vox Mullen and Michele Traina

Michele Traina is bringing her Divorce Diaries to Westside Improv on New Year's Eve. This hilarious show is a great way to ring in the new year with loads of laughs.
Divorce Diaries is a light-hearted look at life after a divorce through the eyes of Michele. The Italian New Jersey native took her divorce and subsequent dating life and turned it into Divorce Diaries, her one-woman show. It's “healing through humor,” a clever slogan for the production, but more importantly, the way she lives her life.
Divorce Diaries is pure entertainment. This is Michele exposing her life and her reactions. Michele's act is refreshingly honest. Her goal isn't to hate on anyone, but rather to explore her emotions, healing herself and others in the process. She also isn't shy about poking at herself a bit, too.
A few weeks ago, I attended a Chicago performance of Divorce Diaries. Already a television show in development, that night was filmed for an Amazon Prime special. Comedian and show writer Alydar Skyy introduced the night. Comedian and show producer David Vox Mullen was the emcee and opener. All were extremely funny. Also on hand was another show writer, Emily Ramirez, who I recently interviewed. I also interviewed Michele about her career and Divorce Diaries.
Yesterday, I was back "On the Beat" with Divorce Diaries, as I interviewed Michele and David, about all of this and the upcoming show at Westside Improv on December 31. That interview is at On the Beat With David Vox Mullen & Michele Traina.
I wanted to interview the pair together to get opinions and answers from both sides and both sexes. I also wanted to highlight their interplay. As you can tell, this is a winning combination.
Both talked about adding a man to the Divorce Diaries team. Although focused on a woman, Divorce Diaries is entertainment for all. That was the goal of Michele (a goal she is achieving) and she added David for his abilities regardless of gender.
I have often compared Divorce Diaries to sitting in my Italian grandmother's kitchen and listening to my cousin's tell tales of their lives, much of which revolved around dating. After one of my articles ran, Michele mentioned that comparison. That was significant to me.
For Michele, it meant her humor was on target. For me, it meant I was getting it. All that is needed is a plate of cannoli, as we joke in the interview.
You can judge for yourself on New Year's Eve as Michele and the Divorce Diaries gang come to Westside Improv. Divorce Diaries is energetic, relevant, timely, but most of all, very, very funny!
For more info, go to Check back here for my recurring coverage of Divorce Diaries developments and other entertainment bits.

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