Monday, February 27, 2023

Friend Encounters: Tom Arnold and Michael West

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

I met author Michael West many years ago in Indianapolis. A native of Indiana, Michael is quite an accomplished author. He's written stand alone books, book series, short stories and more. His genre of choice is horror, which may or may not come from his children's belief that spirits reside in the woods near his home. Either way, it seems destiny for Michael to be a horror writer. A big fan of Michael's, I have several of his books on my bookshelf and am always looking for his newest works.

I have written several times about the fun I get from seeing Michael at conventions both at his booth and just when he is a patron. I might even enjoy him wandering around more. It's always interesting to see who he wants to meet and even cooler to see his joy in meeting someone.

I realize he is only human, but sometimes creators don't care to meet others for whatever reasons. Michael continues to meet his favorites though, such as when he met Tom Arnold last year. I always wonder if the celeb knows of Michael's resume at all. Obviously, when Michael meets with other authors, they know, but how much do other celebrities know? I think Michael is too modest to introduce himself as an author, unless they start chatting . Either way,. it is fun to witness his encounters or even to see them on social media.

Go to for more info on him and his books. Be on the lookout for Michael at conventions either at his own booth or meandering in the crowd.

Tom Arnold and Michael West in Rosemont, IL-May 2022.

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