Saturday, April 8, 2023

Happy Birthday, Nancy!

Today is the birthday of my eldest sister. We lovingly call her the matriarch of the family, much to her dismay.

As you will see in 12 more days, I am lucky to have two greatest sisters. I freely admit I would be lost without them.

Nancy is much more than just a sister. She's a mentor, psychologist, confidant and more. She also has been known to make a great batch of chocolate chip cookies.

I love the picture below. Nancy and her friends went to the Singing Pandas Asian Restaurant & Bar and met Asian Elvis. I especially love how Nancy is right next to AE. That's a great move, because if the picture gets reposted or even goes viral, she will always be there, whereas others could be cut out. It is a veteran celebrity hound move! It was also a great way to get featured here, on the 316th best source for pop culture nuggets.

I know Nanc will be celebrating out west, although probably not with AE again. Still, I hope she has a fantastic day and I toast her from here. Happy birthday, Nancy, I love you!

Nancy, Asian Elvis and friends in Chandler, AZ-February 2023.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. Love you too 💜