Friday, April 7, 2023

On the Beat With Staci Layne Wilson

I am always looking for interesting people to interview and I found a fascinating person in Staci Layne Wilson. An author, filmmaker and more, Staci discussed her entertainment parents, her start, finding her own path and more, including her latest projects.

The interview is on the Johngy's Beat YouTube channel at On the Beat With Staci Layne Wilson. I wrote about the interview on the Chicago Patch.  I'd like to use this space to tell my thoughts on the interview and Staci.

When I first saw Staci on social media, I was intrigued by her story. I did some research and really became fascinated by her books and movies. I contacted her about the interview and she graciously accepted my request. It came together very easily and quickly.

Staci is the daughter of Don Wilson, a founding member of the Ventures, and Buni Bacon, a model and actress. I didn't know about her mom, but I was a fan of the Ventures and of her documentary on the Hall of Fame band. I had no idea Staci had so many interesting books and films.

She has done so much in her professional career and her personal life, I couldn't possibly cover it all. I hoped to skim the surface a bit and give everyone a look at her. The interview flew by and I hated to see it end. She had such a good vibe about her. I learned a lot in the interview and my appreciation grew even more.

For more info on Staci, go to and Find her books on Amazon and Audible.

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