Saturday, April 15, 2023

Rabbi Jeremy Fine and 2econd Wrestling

2econd Wrestling returns to the Chicago area Thursday, April 27. Altarcation also marks the return to Durty Nellies in Palatine.
Rabbi Jeremy Fine is the man behind 2econd. In about 18 months, Rabbi Fine has built 2econd Wrestling into a solid new wrestling company. He has done it without proclamations of greatness or grand plans. He does it with interesting wrestlers, solid matchups and outstanding matches. After seeing many 2econd Wrestling matches in person, I cannot recall any bad wrestling match. I do recall many excellent matches though.
2econd Wrestling started interestingly enough with a tournament to crown a champ and that tourney included women. Billie Starkz was one of those women and she has been the champ since winning it at an early show. Once again, Rabbi Fine isn't bragging about having a woman champ. He is letting her wrestling do the talking.
I have not been this excited about a new wrestling company in a long time. While the wrestlers get applause at the shows, and deservedly so, credit must also go to Rabbi Fine for organizing the shows and keeping the company moving forward. I know those challenges and I know how hard Rabbi Fine is working. It is still early in their existence, but the signs are great for a bright future.
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Rabbi Jeremy Fine and me in Northbrook, IL-December 2022.

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