Wednesday, June 14, 2023

The Legendary Mr. Ricolo

I first met Mr. Ricolo about 12 years ago. Immediately upon witnessing him as the ring announcer, I knew he was special and I needed to interview him. My first interview with him is at On the Beat With Mr. Ricolo.
Affectionately called "The Hair Extraordinaire," Mr. Ricolo entertains fans for several wrestling companies. From the moment his music (I Was Made for Loving You, by Kiss), Ricolo is a ball of energy and gets the crowd fired up. Every ring announcer has a special style, but Ricolo is one of the most unique and definitely one of the most popular and successful.
In addition to his ring announcing, Ricolo is a great ambassador. He works the crowd before the events and mingles with all after the show. You can tell he loves what he does and he legitimately loved the fans and wrestling.
There are a lot of wrestling companies in the Chicago area. Just know, if you see Mr. Ricolo at any of the events, it will be a fun night.
Mr. Ricolo and me in Lombard, IL-June 2023.

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