Saturday, August 19, 2023

Finally Meeting Charlie Kruel

While covering Girl Fight Wrestling, I interviewed Charlie Kruel. Otherwise known as Hardcore Charles, the Purple-Haired Maniac and the Beautiful Nightmare, Charlie is an exciting young wrestler.
Debuting in 2017, Charlie started in the southern Indianapolis area. Since then, she really has developed quickly. She has wrestled all over the country.
After interviewing her, I really wanted to see her wrestle, but she hadn't come to the Chicago area. Finally last year, 2econd Wrestling brought in Charlie for a show and she did not disappoint.
Of course, I brought a box of PopTarts for her. One of her gimmicks (or characters) loves PopTarts or maybe Charlie herself loves PopTarts. You never know with Charlie.
Charlie gets it. At the young age of 25, Charlie understands character development and ring psychology. She is still developing, but she is a wrestler on the rise.
I only saw her that one time, but I hope to see her again. Chicago promoters should bring in Charlie. She is one of the brightest young women out there.
Watch our interview at On the Beat With Charlie Kruel. Follow 2econd Wrestling on Facebook for updates and schedules.
Charlie Kruel and me in Palatine, IL-Summer 2022.

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