Friday, August 18, 2023

Sara Richard at New York Comic Con

I have written many times about Sara Richard. One of the first artists I ever started to follow and interview, Sara has become a convention friend (whether she likes it or not lol).
I have interviewed Sara many times. A bunch of them can be found at Sara Richard's interviews on YouTube.
Sara has been especially busy lately. Whether illustrating, writing or both, she is amassing quite a library on Amazon. You can see her books on the Sara Richard Amazon page.
Along with books, Sara has also done work for Topps trading cards and many other projects. She is as versatile as she is talented. She is also super cool and very nice.
Did I mention when she has a spare minute, she likes to clean and restore gravestones? It's a form of art and a hobby. It is also historically significant.
I used to see Sara more often, but she hasn't come t Chicago for conventions in a while. The last two years, I trekked to New York Comic Con to see her and a few others. I'm not sure yet if she will be there this year, but unfortunately, I will not make the trip this time. A much as I would love to catch up with Sara and the others, I have a scheduling conflict and have to miss it.
I hope Sara returns to Chicago. She is one of the most talented and popular creators at any convention she attends.
Go to for more info on Sara and her latest projects. Check for updates and scheduling on NYCC.
Sara Richard and me in New York, NY-October 2021.

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