Saturday, September 16, 2023

On the Beat With Steve Ahrendt of Rocket Pro Wrestling

Fresh off of the season debut of Rocket Pro Wrestling, I went on the Beat with RPW commentator Steve Ahrendt. That interview can be found at On the Beat With Steve Ahrendt.

Last Saturday, RPW held Fall Brawl, its season debut. It started with a fun Fan Axxess outdoor event, followed by a full early evening of fantastic wrestling.

Last week, I interviewed Joey Roth and Roxi Heart of the World Famous, Fabulous Idols. Always in the mix of the title scene and the center of the action, the pair definitely made their presence felt at Fall Brawl.

After interviewing the pair and watching the all that happened at Fall Brawl, I wanted to get Ahrendt for an interview to get his take on all things at RPW. As usual, Ahrendt gave a thorough assessment of the situation. He also discussed Darkness Falls, the next RPW show on October 14.

I appreciate Ahrendt for his time and consideration in the interview. I also thank RPW owner Bill Schelli and the entire RPW family for the hospitality.

Go to for more info and scheduling. Look for Steve (and the others) on The Power Hour n podcast platforms.

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