Thursday, November 24, 2022

Mascot Week: Marquette's Golden Eagle Iggy

Mascot Week celebrates the fun, fuzzy, furry creatures we all know and love (or at least I do).

Marquette University is another school with an interesting mascot history, which started in 1892. When the football team was established, fans would wear blue and gold in support. The first unofficial team name was The Blue and Gold (clever). During the 1920s, students began calling themselves Hilltoppers. which eventually became the official first nickname.
Another team nickname was the Golden Avalanche, although that was mostly for the football team. When the program ended in 1960, so did the Golden Avalanche name.
Marquette's next mascot became the Warrior in 1954. Originally a nod to Rev. Jacques Marquette, who had a relationship with Native Americans, it also fit in with other Milwaukee team names like the Braves and Chiefs. Chief White Buck became the first mascot.
Willie Wampum was picked a s a new name for the mascot, but it didn't last long. In 1971, it was decided to retire Willie Wampum because it was deemed inappropriate. Warriors still remained the team name.
In 1984, students voted Bleuteaux, a blue French puppet, as the newest mascot. Bleutaux retired in 1990.
In 1994, after discontinuing the Warriors name, Golden Eagles became the new team name. It was briefly shortened to The Gold, but a backlash returned the Golden Eagles name.
In 2020, the Golden Eagle finally got a name, Iggy. That means at the time of this picture, Iggy was till unnamed. It was simply the Golden Eagle. As a mascot aficionado, I was annoyed by that. Mascots need a name. I am happy to say I like the Iggy moniker. It's different/ It doesn't have any real Marquette connection, but it's cool. It was also the name of my first and most-beloved cat.
Go to for more info on the Golden Eagles. Check back here for recurring mascot fun!
The Marquette Golden Eagle and me in Milwaukee, WI-January 2019.

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