Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Mascot Week: Seton Hall's The Pirate

Mascot Week is a celebration of the furry, funny, fuzzy creatures I love so much.

I previously wrote about the Seton Hall mascot's name. It's The Prate. Not Peter Pirate or Paul the Pirate. It's just The Pirate. It's very generic.
Maybe I was a bit too critical of The Pirate. Maybe naming it The Pirate was a clever way to add mystery to the mascot.
Giving the mascot an alliterative name might have made it to friendly. The Pirate, however, could sound ominous or menacing. Maybe the goal was to make the mascot more intimidating.
If that was the case though, they misfired on the face. The face is friendly, happy even. While the eyepatch and the mustache might be staples of a true pirate, it still looks way to happy to strike fear into the hearts of anyone.
I think it's time to redo Seton Hall's mascot and I am offering my services. Seton Hall needs to pick a lane, friendly or fierce, and I will work with them on developing a whole new pirate mascot.
I am not just singling out Seton Hall. There are other mascots that need work. The Stanford Tree of Stanford, Delta State University's Fighting Okra and Xavier's Blue Blob are just some examples. I am offering my services to these and any other school with a bad mascot. I am available as a Mascot Consultant.
Go to for more info on Seton Hall athletics. Check back here for recurring mascot fun, especially Mascot Week.
Seton Hall Pirate and me in Chicago, IL-March 2019.

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