Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Talking Travel with Evita Robinson

 The latest guest on my Talking Travel interview series on Global Traveler is Evita Robinson. As the founder of Nomadness Tribe Travel, Evita has done great work for the BIPOC community and others.

I specifically added "and others" because Evita and Nomadness are all inclusive. While Nomadness is mostly comprised of women of color, men and folks of all races are welcome, as long as you have similar interests. We talked about all of this in our interview.

An entrepreneur, three-time ex-pat and a world traveler, Evita was the perfect person to start this group, which now numbers around 80K. She discussed how and why she started Nomadness, along with her travels, goals and more. Of course, she also listed her favorite spots and her travel tips.

One of my biggest takeaways from the interview is her positive attitude. It was contagious. As an older while male, I cannot pretend to understand what people of color experience in travel and elsewhere, but with people like Evita doing what they do, maybe the world can become a little more knowledgeable and a lot more understanding.

The full recap is on GT at Talking Travel with Evita Robinson. All of the Talking Travel interviews are on the GT YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to the GT YouTube channel (it's free) for all of the travel content. Also, go EvitaRobinson.com for more info on Evie Robbie!

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