Monday, January 8, 2024

Friend Encounters: The American Gladiators and Michael Kingston

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends meeting celebrities.

Today is another instance of me featuring a celebrity friend meeting other celebrities. This one is so cool as I am a big fan of all of them.
If you're a fan of comics or wrestling, you'll love Michael Kingston. His Headlocked Comic combines the two worlds. It's what originally drew me to Michael many years ago.
Michael is a hard-working man. He was earned every bit of success he has and he has a lot. From a kernel of an idea to a hugely popular wrestling comic, Michael has grown his business with the help of many in the wrestling industry who love his work. Mick Foley, Bret Hart, Jerry Lawler and so many others have contributed to Michael's work and many more are getting on board with each issue.
At one comic con last year, Michael met several of stars of the American Gladiators, a cool television show. It might have been one of the first reality, competition shows. Either way, I loved that show. While there were theatrics, it seemed very legit competition.
Look at how happy Michael looks and good for him. It's so cool seeing him meet his favorites.
Now to test my memory (bad) and powers of recognition (even worse), I know Nitro is far right of Michael and Zap is just left of Michael. I think the other woman is Sky. I don't know which Gladiator the other man is, but I should. Does anyone out there know?
Go to for more info on Michael and his great work. Also, follow him on social media to see him with many of the folks in his books and other fun people, like the American Gladiators.
Michael and the Gladiators in New York, NY-October 2023.

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