Monday, February 5, 2024

Friend Encounters: Ben Eager and Scott Bridges

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends meeting celebrities.

I met Scott Bridges through my dad. Scott is co-owner of Bridges' Scoreboard Restaurant and Sports Bar in Griffith, Indiana, about 15 minutes east of the Chicago/Indiana border and about five minutes from my dad's house.

Bridges is a great neighborhood spot. A friendly staff, excellent food and fun ambience combine to make it a go-to spot for a quick snack or a full meal.

Another reason to go to Bridges' Scoreboard is to meet athletes. Over the years, I have met several great pro athletes, including former Chicago Bears legend Doug Plank, Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Gaylord Perry and more. Sometimes, the athletes will even hang out all night watching various sporting events. It is always a cool night, far more than a quick meet-and-greet 10 second selfie. Plus, you get a delicious meal surrounded by a friendly staff and crowd.

If you're anywhere in the area, stop in for excellent food. Follow Bridges' Scoreboard on Facebook to get updates, including appearances by athletes.

Scott Bridges and Ben Eager in Griffith, IN-December 2023.

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