Monday, February 26, 2024

Friend Encounters: Randy Hundley and John St. Augustine

Friend Encounters is a weekly series about friends meeting celebrities.

Today, I feature one of my newest friends and a Chicago Cubs legend. Their story is amazing and my connection was a bit unexpected and certainly a bit out of left field (to borrow a baseball pun).
After I interviewed Jody Davis, another Cubs legend, John contacted me about connecting him to Davis. John was writing a book on Hundley and wanted a quote from Davis, who came along a few years after Hundley. Once connected, John and I stayed in touch. He also asked me about my writer friend George Castle.
John actually met Hundley years before, when he was a youngster asking for an autograph. Flash forward many years and John connected with Hundley at a fantasy camp. They bonded and became friends. Eventually, Hundley asked John to help write his book.
All of those factors combined to produce Ironman, Hundley's autobiography. Ironman, was released several months ago and is a must for any Cubs or baseball fan. To my surprise, John and Hundley listed me in the acknowledgements of the book. You can learn more about the book in my interview with John at On the Beat With John St. Augustine.
Look for John on social media to order an autographed copy. You can also buy Ironman at any major book seller.

Randy Hundley and John St. Augustine in Chicago, IL-Summer 1992.

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