Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Jimmy Hart at Squared Circle Expo IV

How does Jimmy Hart do it? "The Mouth of the South" never seems to age nor does he lose energy. 

Hart turned 80 on January 1. Look at him in the picture (okay, he was "only" 78 in that pic). That was after a few hours or a meet-and-greet at Blizzard Brawl. I think Hart signed more autographs than anyone. I am pretty sure he was out there longer than anyone.

Hart had success in the 60s with The Gentrys music band. From there he crossed over into wrestling. He worked with so many legends, like Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Bret Hart and of course, Jerry Lawler and Andy Kaufman during that famous angle.

If you have any doubt about his energy or youthful looks, come to Squared Circle Expo IV March 29-30 in Indianapolis. Hart is one of about 70 legends and current wrestling stars attending. Hart will be there, with iconic megaphone in hand, ready to meet the thousands of fans in attendance. 

SCX is a fantastic two day event, full of meet-and-greets, panels, Q&A's, photo ops, a full wrestling card and much more. I have gone every year and it keeps getting better, which seems as impossible as Hart being so youthful. Again, if you don't trust my word, come to SCX IVC and see all of it.

Go to SquaredCircleX.com for more info. Check here for my recurring coverage.

Jimmy Hart and me in Waukesha WI-December 2022.

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