Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Immaculate On Football

Recently I wrote about reaching perfection in Immaculate Grid Baseball. Since then, I reached immaculate status in football.
Immaculate Grid is an online game featuring a nine-square grid. There is a category for each column and row. Players must name players who fit each category combo. There are Immaculate Grids for baseball, football, basketball, hockey, women's basketball and soccer.
Baseball is clearly my strength. More specifically, obscure baseball players are my strength. If the grid features three teams on each axis, chances are, I will do well.
When the recent Immaculate Grid featured teams heading all categories, I knew I had a chance. Additionally, they are all older teams, meaning my best years of the 70s-80s were in play. I focused very hard on remembering the most obscure players or players who only played briefly with each team. When I was done, I knew I would have a good score, but I was a bit surprised to see the big 0 at the end.
Yes, in Immaculate Grid, a 0 is perfection. I don't know the exact formula they use, but I know lesser-known players or players with short stints with a team will score better.
Now that I have reached perfection in baseball and football, I need to go across the board. I am pretty sure I will not even come close in soccer though. I am not even sure I will ever just complete a grid no matter the score.

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Brett Alan said...

Amazing. I complete the baseball grid most days but I'm terrible with the other sports.

I believe the formula is simply the percentage of correct answers for other players in that square which are for that person. So if it's Mets/Cardinals, maybe 20% picked Keith Hernandez but less than 1% picked Jerry Buchek. I'm not sure how they handle the way it changes during the day or whether they include past instances of that combination.