Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Talking Travel with Steve McCurry

When I saw photo journalist Steve McCurry's Devotion appear on a list of much-anticipated travel books for 2024, I reached out for an interview. I had no idea it would turn into a multi-part experience. I also didn't realize McCurry's photo's were much more than landscape shots of places.

McCurry is a famed photog. His "Afghan Girl" picture is iconic. National Geographic named it the most recognized photo in its history. McCurry focused on people in his pictures, allowing them to tell the stories. In doing so, he showed much more of the area than a simple landmark. His pictures are powerful, but still display the setting.

McCurry graciously sent an advance copy of Devotion to me. Upon receiving it, I intended to skim to get a general feel, but dive into it the next day. A few hours later, I was still mesmerized by the beauty in the pictures and I was nowhere near even halfway through the book.

While waiting for the interview day, I saw Loyola Museum of Art was hosting ICONS, an exhibit of McCurry's photographs. How's that for incredible timing. I made my appointment to see it right after the interview.

I recapped all of this on Talking Travel with Steve McCurry and Steve McCurry's ICONS, back-to-back pieces on Global Traveler. Needless to say, I got much more out of this experience than a mere interview, even though that would have been cool enough.

Check the GT YouTube channel for all of my travel interviews. Also, check stevemccurry.com for more info on this legendary photog.

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