Saturday, March 30, 2024

Big Boy and Me

Today I feature Big Boy and boy I have a few big issues to unload.

I debated whether this is about a mascot or a statue. Big Boy doesn't have any real mascots, nor do I think they ever have. Why not? What not have a someone in a Big Boy mascot costume doing ads?

I could say it is both a mascot and a statue (a statue of a mascot). Most other mascots do not have statues. I can't think of any. The famous San Diego Chicken doesn't even have a statue.

My other issue involves a breakfast debate. My friend and I recently went to a Big Boy in Cincinnati for breakfast. My friend ordered the breakfast bar. Because I wasn't too hungry, I ordered simple French Toast. The waitress served my plate and my friend returned, looked at it and informed me the breakfast bar had the same French toast on it. In short, he paid a few dollars more for the whole bar, while I paid for three triangles (not three full pieces) of French toast.

I turn this to you. Should the waitress have informed me the breakfast bar had French toast on it? I maintain a good waitress would have mentioned it. I admit, I probably should have looked at the breakfast bar or maybe even asked her. I still think she should have told me though.

I still like Big Boy. It's nostalgic, but has solid food. They also have a fun mascot (or statue).
Big Boy and me in Cincinnati, OH-March 2024.


bbcardz said...

I've never seen that version of the Bob's Big Boy statue. I've only seen a hatless version of the statue. Speaking of Bob's Big Boy, have you ever tried Bob's Big Boy Roquefort salad dressing? If you like ranch dressing, you'll probably love this. It's my favorite salad dressing and it's sold usually in the refrigerated salad dressing section of the produce department at the big grocery markets.

Jean Parker said...

Sorry the waitress didn't suggest looking at the breakfast bar ... I think sometimes they are just programmed to take orders and move on ...

Anonymous said...

I think the waitress should have informed you. It happens more than you think. I have asked for a refill on my soft drink and the waitress didn't say they charge for refills. The charge was on my bill for the refill.