Friday, March 29, 2024

On the Beat With Loyola WBB Coach Allison Guth

Last week, I had the opportunity to interview Loyola Women's Basketball Head Coach Allison Guth. The main focus of the interview was the positive vibe around the team.
A Chicago area native, Guth was a standout player at the University of Illinois before becoming a coach. After a few stops as an assistant, Guth took over the Yale squad. Two seasons ago, she came back home to coach Loyola.
I have stated numerous times, her introductory press conference was unlike any I have attended. She probably had more family and friends there than media members. The show of support was heartwarming. I quickly learned that is a big part of Coach Guth's life.
Of course she spoke of winning and building a foundation, but she spoke of family and support. I know nothing I have written sounds different from a typical intro press session, but there was just something in the air.
That feeling continued in her first season. Although the team struggled to only six wins, I felt something building. The team had a new coach in a new conference, while dealing with a lot of injuries. Despite that and their record, I always felt the team was so close. They just always fell short.
This season, I predicted a .500 finish. They fell a tad short at 15-16, but it was still a major success. After beating Fordham n the first round of the Atlantic 10 Tournament, they fell to Richmond to end their season.
In our interview, Coach Guth discussed that first press session and the two seasons. She talked of improvement. Coach Guth spoke of the success, while still having a way to go.
I have been impressed with Coach Guth from the moment I met her and my respect has only grown. I can't wait for next season!
Check out the interview at On the Beat With Loyola WBB Coach Allison Guth on YouTube. Also, go to for more info on Coach Guth and the team.

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