Friday, March 1, 2024

Congratulations Regan Lydale

I first met Cameron many years ago at Resistance Pro Wrestling. She was a young fan, who loved wrestling. That love never died. In fact, it intensified.

Once she was old enough, she started training to be a wrestler. First, she worked with Tommy Else, then a tag team champ at RPro. When she progressed enough and was old enough, she started training at Freelance Wrestling Academy.

Since then, she morphed into Regan Lydale and has wrestled all over the Chicago area. She works hard, often being at shows to help even when she is not wrestling. I have seen her wrestle many times and she always impresses with her in-ring work and the fan reaction she gets.

In mid-February, Regan won her first title for Honor Among Wrestling in Iowa. I am so happy for her, as is Tommy.

She is talented, but still very young. Her future is bright, if she stays in wrestling. She has the size, look, talent and charisma needed.

It has been a pleasure following her journey. Congratulations to Regan! She truly earned this title and moment.

Regan Lydale and me in Chicago, IL-February 2024.

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