Saturday, March 2, 2024

MJF and Wardlow in Character Always

The picture below was not poorly timed, nor was it a mistake. It is classic MJF.
Currently a top star with All Elite Wrestling, Maxwell Jacob Friedman made his pro wrestling debut in 2015. He made his way to AEW in early 2019 and has come into his own ever since. Back when this picture was taken, he was a rising star, but nowhere near the status he has now. Still, he completely stayed in character.
His character is unique. He is an obnoxious jerk. He is known for signing and then tossing away items fan brings. He is famous for barely posing in pictures (as ween below). Promoters usually warn everyone ahead of time that MJF is MJF 100%. If you're easily offended or think he will change for you or even kids, you are wrong and should stay away.
Even as part of the press, I got nothing different from MJF. I expected nothing different.
While a case can be made he could be slightly more engaging with fans, I have to give him credit for staying in character (keeping kayfabe) as old school wrestlers would do.
I have since met MJF a few times and he is always the same. I do wonder though if things will be different for now, as he turned into a good guy (for now), although I think and hope he will soon turn back, as he is a much better heel, even if he stays in character out of the ring.
MJF was one of the most popular guests when he appeared at Squared Circle Expo. He will not be at this year's event, but plenty of other great wrestlers of the past and present will be there March 29-30. Of course, I'll be there, too. I'm always fan-friendly, but I don't get many (any?) fans wanting my autograph or picture.
Go to for more info and scheduling. Check back here for my updates.
MJF, Wardlow and me in Chicago, IL-March 2020.

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