Thursday, March 28, 2024

Mrs. Al Snow Turned Heel

I have met Al Snow many times over the years. I interviewed him a few times and he even did a promo for this site (see left column). Dare I say, I consider him a friend. As much fun as Al always is, his wife Jessica is a treasure, too.
Through my many encounters with Al, I have struck up a similar friendship with Jessica. She's always good for a hug and warm smile. Last year, while at Al's comedy show, Jessica showed another side of her. She turned heel on me!
I don't remember the specifics, but while others (my podcast partner Tommy Else, for one) took fun jabs at me, Jess joined in with a knockout punch of sorts. It was out of left field, unexpected, but hilarious (I have to admit). Maybe Al isn't the twisted one in that relationship. Or maybe they both are!
Either way, I love them both. We all know how funny they are, but they are two genuinely nice people.
Al is continuing his comedy tour with my pal David Vox Mullen and various local comedians. I will be seeing them April 29 at Zanies in Chicago. I don't know if Jessica will be there, but I'm guessing yes. I'll be ready for any barbs she sends my way this time. Actually, no I won't. She's too sweet and I don't think I could fight back. 
I expect to see Jessica along with Al at Squared Circle Expo all weekend. Hopefully, they won't team up on me or sneak attack me.
For more info on the SCX, go to It's not too late to join the fun there.
Jessica Sarven and me in  IL-November 2022.

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