Monday, June 17, 2024

Friend Encounters: Rachel Robinson and Jerry

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends meeting celebrities.

I usually have a lot of fun with Friend Encounters. None of them are too serious, but today is a bit more significant than most.
I have known Jerry for many years. He was my media contact for Wizard World since I started covering it. When Fan Expo bought Wizard World, Jerry's position changed a bit and I don't see him as often. He's still doing great things, as I see by following him on social media. 
A huge sports fan, Jerry has met many of the greats, along with a lot of celebrities through his work or his personal adventures. One sports figure stands out though.
Rachel Robinson is the widow of the late great Jackie Robinson, a true sports hero, who became part of history when he broke the color barrier in baseball. While Jackie is lauded (and rightly so), Rachel's sacrifices and contributions cannot be ignored.
Jackie went through a lot while paving the way for players of color. Jackie was right there with him. Sure, she didn't get taunted and threatened, but she saw her husband get treated horribly at times and she was just as much in danger as he was. Both displayed amazing courage and grace.
Of all the famous folks Jerry has met, Rachel is probably the one I most would like to meet. From a sports and historical perspective, there are few who match her.
 Jerry and Rachel Robinson in October 2016.

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