Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Talking Travel with Lance Parrish

My latest interview guest on Talking Travel on Global Traveler is former Major League Baseball catcher Lance Parrish. We talked about his career, travel and his just-released book The Enchanted Season.
Lance was an outstanding catcher for 19 seasons, starting with the Detroit Tigers. He won Gold Glove awards and Silver Slugger awards, as well as earning other accolades along the way. Most fans would rank him among the top 25 catchers of all time.
In 1984, the Tigers started 35-5 on the way to leading wire-to-wire, culminating in winning the World Series. (That was the World Series the Cubs should have made, but that's another story.).
Lance was very pleasant and made the whole interview process easy. Even as a White Sox fan at he time, I still enjoyed following Lance. 
I really appreciate Lance's time and consideration. I encourage all to check out his book The Enchanted Season. You don't have to be a Tigers fan either. Any baseball fan would love this!
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